Before applying for membership potential new members must live within the FVC Club boundaries.

The North boundary extends from the West boundary line intersection with the crest of the mountains North of Simi Valley, in an Easterly direction along the crest of the mountains to the junction of Valencia Blvd. and the I-5 freeway. It then runs North-East on Valencia Blvd. to where it intersects Bouquet Canyon Road. The boundary continues North-East on Bouquet Canyon Road to its junction with Vasquez Canyon Road. The boundary then continues east and follows the crest of the Angeles National Forest Mountains.

The West boundary is defined by drawing a vertical North-South line from the intersection of Grimes Canyon Road and the 118 Freeway that extends from the crest of the mountains North of Simi Valley to the ocean on the South.

There is no East or South boundary.

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