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73rd FVC Young Bird Futurity Race

2017 futurity


1. There will be 2 FVC band races for 2017> Race #1 $100 Band race flown from Stockton, Ca.(300 miles) on 10/21/17 and Race #2 $50 FVC Futurity Race flown from Woodland, Ca.(350 miles) on 11/04/17.

2. Birds that have accompanying bands only are allowed to enter > $100 Race bands are designated as FVC #1 thru #200 and are white.  $50 FVC Futurity race bands are designated as FVCF #1 thru #700 and are blue.

3. Birds to be released with club and federation birds >all race rules apply > any race that is shortened due to weather issues will be considered a race.

4. All prizes split 50/50 Breeder and Handler >Bird belongs to handler unless breeder makes prior arrangements with handler.

5. There will be 3 out of area prizes for both races amount determined by bands sold.  Out of Area breeder is any breeder outside the FVC boundaries.

6. Band payment due by 9/17/17 (first club race).  Birds not paid for by that date will be disqualified from all races.

7.  Cost of bands as follows> single bands $50 & $100 each or Value Pack $500 (3-100 bands & 6-$50 bands) or buy 10 get 1 free both $50 & $100 bands.

8.  All $50 & $100 Bands are eligible for FIRST CHANCE NOMINATION RACE SERIES.  There will be 3 races >$20 gets you in all 3 must nominate by 9/17/17: Race 1 Fresno (200 miles) flown 10/01/17 >Race 2 Fresno (200 miles) flown 10/08/17> Race 3 Merced (250 miles flown 10/21/17 > 50% of the money collected goes to Race 1 & 2 divided equally and 50% goes to Race 3 >Money will be paid in $100 prizes for each race.  The person who activates gets 100% of prize money in this 3 race series.

9.  Winning birds subject to drug test and may be tossed.  By purchasing bands your in agreement with all rules of the race, Special Events chairman reserves all rights and make final decisions, 10% deducted from all entries for expenses.

 Steve Baldwin
FVC Special Event Chairman

Fresno I
200 Miles Nomination
Fresno II
200 Miles Nomination
250 Miles Nomination
300 Miles $100 Band Race
350 Miles FVC Futurity