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73rd FVC Young Bird Futurity Race

Futurity 2017 futurity

1. There will be 2 FVC band races for 2017 > Race #1 $100 Band race flown from Stockton, Ca.(300 miles) on 11/04/17 and Race #2 $50 FVC Futurity Race flown from Woodland, Ca. (350 miles) on 11/18/17

2. Birds that have accompanying bands only are allowed to enter > $100 Race bands are designated as FVC #1 thru #200 and are white. $50 FVC Futurity race bands are designated as FVCF #1 thru #700 and are blue.

3. Birds to be released with club and federation birds >all race rules apply > any race that shortens due to weather issues will be considered a race.

4. All prizes split 50/50 Breeder and Handler >Bird belongs to handler unless breeder makes prior arrangements with the handler.

5. There will be 3 out of area prizes for both races amount determined by bands sold. Out of Area breeder is any breeder outside FVC boundaries.

6. Band payment due by 9/17/17 (first club race). Birds not paid for will be disqualified from all races.

7. Cost of bands as follows> single bands $50 & $100 each or Value Pack $500 (3-$100 bands & 6-$50 bands) or buy 10 get 1 free both $50 & $100 bands.

8. All $50 & $100 Bands are eligible for FIRST CHANCE NOMINATION RACE SERIES. There will be 3 races > $20 gets you in all 3 must nominate by 09/30/17: Race 1 Fresno (200 miles) flown 10/01/17 >Race 2 Fresno (200 miles) flown 10/08/17> Race 3 Merced (250 miles) flown 10/21/17 > 50% of the money collected goes to Race 1 & 2 divided equally and 50% goes to Race 3 >Money will be paid in $100 prizes for each race. The person who activates gets 100% of prize money in this 3 race series.

9. Winning birds subject to a drug test and may be tossed. By purchasing bands you're in agreement with all rules of the race, Special Events chairman reserves all rights and makes final decisions, 10% deducted from all entries for expenses.

Steve Baldwin
FVC Special Event Chairman

Fresno I
200 Miles Nomination
Fresno II
200 Miles Nomination
250 Miles Nomination
300 Miles $100 Band Race
350 Miles FVC Futurity