Stockton race cancelled due to weather.  $100 band race as well as $50. (Futurity) race will be flown at Woodland (350) on November 18.

Click on the Special Events and 2017 FVC Band Race tabs to review current race information.  REMINDER - all Band money is due by September 16 - contact Steve Baldwin at 818-648-1953 to arrange payment.

FVC Futurity Sold out 700 $50.00 bands.  FVC $100.00 band race Sold out 200 bands.

As if today band sales SKYROCKET to 658 $50 bands and 180 $100 bands looks like a sell out to me!!!  Don't be left out!!!

2017 FVC band race on record pace for band sales!!  As of 2-21-17 584 $50 bands and 166 $100 bands have been sold > get yours before races are sold out!!!

Bands sold so far 525 $50.00 bands and 140 $100.00.  With only 100 plus $50.00 bands and 60 $100.00 bands left get yours now!!!

450 $50.00 bands and 110 $100.00 bands have been sold for the 2017 FVC Futurity.

Another big day of band sales pushes the totals to 365 $50. bands sold, 80 $100. bands sold.  To get yours now contact Steve Bladwin 818-648-1953!!!

As of 1-15-17 we've sold 300 $50.00 bands and 50 $100.00 bands for the new FVC band format.  Make sure you get you bands sooner than later, don't want anyone to miss out!!!

At 7am, clear with a 5mph tailwind 1400 federation birds were released from Woodland, CA (approx. 350 miles) and they left immidately.  This is the 71st annual FVC Futurity and the 30th Annual Snowbird race.

It has been a real tough summer, the whether is too much heat and storm activity at our training and race course HWY 99. For the young birds season, it is not great weather for us, we have lost a lot of birds. Please check out the NEW inventory list it is up to date and 2015 Snowbird race pay out list is current. Thank you, good luck! Paul FVC Snowbird race Chairman

The club has given me a vote of confidence to create the FVC Museum.

The FVC Museum will be a collection of OLD pigeon memorabilia. When I say old I mean prior to 1990.

Old diplomas

Old trophies or plaques

CSRPO Yearbooks dating back to the 1980s or earlier

Old pigeon related equipment

Old aluminum bands or other bands dated prior to the year 2000.

Old magazines or books dating back to the 1980s or earlier

Old timers & capsules

Old wicker carrying crates

Old photos of member lofts

Old photos of members

Anything club related that would preserve club & pigeon history

All these items will be on display upstairs in the FVC museum. Items would be displayed on tables, in display cases and wall hangings. Each item would have a label stating the name of the person who loaned or donated it to the FVC.

Once everything is on display photos will be taken and posted on the FVC website click the FVC Museum tab at www.snowbird.com

We are looking for OLD pigeon memorabilia from members and non-members. The key word is OLD. When I say old I mean prior to 2000. These items would be donated or loaned to the FVC.

Mike Cassidy email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday 2/20/15>Look for new adds in the 3/1/15 & 3/15/15 Pigeon Digest

Services for Don Knox will be at 2pm on Thursday, January 22nd at Calvary church at 1101 South Main Street in Burbank.

Don Knox passed away today January 18, 2015 from complications resulting from a stroke. Don had been our Race secretary for the past 15 years. His dedicated service to the FVC will be remembered for years to come. Like a family member his presence will be missed, may God bless his soul.

Dec. 17> Inventory is done and posted> with 3 weeks until 1st training race we have 60% of the birds remaining> Baldwin 76 birds>Belanger 69 birds>Senator 58 birds> Landa 49 birds >Manzo 15 birds> Unfortunately last Sunday Manzo had a smash from 125 miles only got 15 back out of 63 otherwise our bird count would have been much higher>today is supposed to be the last day of rain and should be good training weather for next 10 days. To view your birds go to the snowbird tab, click breeders, click your name for a listing of your birds.

After more than 50 years of flying Rusty Williams will be having a complete sellout Retirement auction. The date will be November 16th at the FVC Clubhouse. Complete information to follow shortly.

It's Monday June 23> As of now we have around 400 birds with still some to come> some breeders who signed up will not be able to fulfill there obligation for various reason's so we are still accepting 5 bird packages until 8/1, which is also the last day for replacements> also if you have a second payment 8/1 is the due date for that as well> so far we had to replace 25 birds> all breeder's have been contacted> the handlers have said the birds seem real healthy this year with only a isolated case or so of a sick bird. The birds are starting to fly well and routing

Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park 5600 Lindero Canyon Rd. Westlake Village 91362. 818-889-0902 Monday May 19 at 2pm.

The FVC club meeting will be Sunday, January 5 at 2pm at the FVC clubhouse.