fvcmuseumIn an effort to preserve club and pigeon memorabilia the Fernando Valley Club museum was formed in 2015. Over 1,000 sq feet have been dedicated to house hundereds of items donated or loaned to the club. 

I especially want to thank all those who have donated or loaned items.  Rick Barker, Bob Stroh, Phyllis & Sam Rodregues, Don Nelson, Bill Curtis, Don Pfatenhauer, Helene Forthal, Larry "The Senator" Felt, Fred Hagen, Randy "RW" Wells, Kurt "Captain America" Stearns, Vern Gruber...

If you have pigeon related memorabilia you are interested in donating or loaning to the FVC contact me.

Mike Cassidy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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After the FVC burned down in the early 1980s it was rebuilt in memory of T.C. Wright. 

The official AU Charter dated July 25, 1992 recognizing the FVC as an official club of the AU.  This was a replacement charter that replaced the original charter dated 1938.  Applied by; Robby Robinson, But Hunt, Carmen Griffis, Tony Thomas, Suvit Asawapornsnit, Al Leamon, Greg Floor, Kathy Macy and Dan Hinds.

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There are over 100 photos documenting the rebuilding of the FVC after a fire in the early 1980s.  Race reports dating back to the mid 1970s and 30 years of race results are on display.

Cover Sheets

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cover 1992 cover 1993 cover 2000


trophies2 trophies1 trophies3

trophie2 trophie3 trophie1

Trophies dating back to the late 1930s and late 1940s.


reports report schedule

report 19515 report 19516

Race reports dating back to 1975 shipped 6,317 birds and 489 lofts.  Back in 1956 youngbirds the transporter Jack DeWolf would charge 4 cents per bird upto Delano, Delano was 10 cents per bird.


photo1 photo2 photo3

Dick Sander                                                                  Dan LePre in the center wearing the hat                    Dan LePre in the center holding a bird


photo4   photo5   photo6

Yakima Cunutt - Late 1940s early 1950s                             Yakima Cunutt                                                                         Jack DeWolf


timer1 timer2 timer3

  timers display   timer8 timer5

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A collection of timers are on display including the Unique two bird timer made in Chicago, Illinois in 1911.


medals1 medals2   medals3

Pigeon medals made by the Hollywood Trophy Company on display.

Articles & More

flyer1   flyer5

flyer5a   flyer5b



Dick Sander winner of the first 600 mile Jack DeWolf race from Klamath Falls, Oregon June 4, 1977


Dick Sander winner of the 8th annual FVC Futurity race from Stockton, California October 26, 1952.


flyer4 flyer7

create02 pennant01

                                                                                   FVC Snowbird pennant donated by Bob Soares


magazine1 magazine2 magazine3

Dozens of magazines, yearbooks and even a Homing Pigeon Annual from 1914 on display.

Fly For Hope

flyOfHope   flyOfHope3

flyOfHope4 flyOfHope2

For many years the City of Hope was the number one charity of the Fernando Valley Club.


This diploma was issued on October 9, 1949 to Warren K. Parker for the 6th annual FVC Futurity.  Signed by president Yakima Canutt and race secetary Edwin J. Evans.



Capsuls and Bands



When a pigeon arrived at the loft a rubber countermark was removed from the leg of the bird and put into a metal capsul.  The capusl was then put into a timer, the time was stamped noting the arrival time of the bird from the race. Name and address bands were common in the 1990s.


countermark2 countermark1 countermark3



Many many years prior to the mid 1990s rubber countermark (rubberband with numbers on it) were put onto the leg of a pigeon prior to the race.  The rubberband was put on the end of the countermark machine, streached open then released onto the leg of the bird.  Once the bird arrived back to its loft the counter mark was removed, put into a metal capsul and then put into a timer.

Doves of War

doves of war

Bird Photos

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